This short page is meant to serve as an extended business card, of sorts. I attempted to bring together all my various interests and work done so far, and group it in one place. Here, you can find my contact info, including my personal email, as well as the glimpse of my social media presence. You can also see some selected articles I’ve written and co-written for various publications, as well as links to the original posts.

I am an independent consultant, journalist and writer in Washington, D.C., with an extensive experience in work with the government, NGOs and business. The areas of my interest are the nexus of journalism, media freedoms and human rights. They reflect the extensive work I have done in the past, as well as my aspirations and plans to work on in the future. Geographically, the areas of my special focus and in-depth expert knowledge are Eurasia (former USSR), Turkey and Eastern Europe. Brought together, my experience, knowledge and years-long attention to these subjects allow me to take a step back, view and analyze the big picture in the vast expanse of Europe and Eurasia.

After years of working on projects that impacted my ability to write independently and publish my work, I’ve returned to writing at the beginning of 2018.

A little more about what makes me who I am: I have a particular interest and passion for LGBT rights, in general, with a particular focus on my native Azerbaijan, as well as the Eurasian region, as a whole. I will continue to highlight the strife of my community in the former USSR, as well as other parts of the world where we are facing discrimination, marginalization and attacks by governments and other forces. 

Thank you for your interest.